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Macrorit Data Wiper 3.4

Remove permanently the data stored in the free space of your disks
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Macrorit Inc.

Though technically “erased” from your hard drives, deleted files and folders remain where they are until their sectors are overwritten with new data. Until that happens, your “deleted data” is still vulnerable. Macrorit Data Wiper overwrites those blank spaces where deleted files still reside with zeros, ones, a combination of both, and even using two different DoD data wiping standards – 3 and 7 passes – in order to render them irrecoverable.

The app includes options to wipe the entire disk or just the free space, and even to create bootable media that you can use to recover your computer in case of massive failure. The problem is that nothing of this will happen unless you buy the required license and register your copy of Macrorit Data Wiper. Even though available in (at least) three versions – Free, Pro+, and Unlimited – none of these apps go beyond showing you your disks and their partitions without purchasing the corresponding license. Not even the Free version – let alone the “free trials” – is capable of wiping a single sector for free. Whenever you click on the “Wipe Now” button or try to create any kind of bootable disc, a window will pop up asking you for your product activation key. If you don’t happen to have one, you’re kindly asked to “Buy Now!” So much for a free product!

Macrorit Data Wiper should change its license type from free or shareware to purely commercial. There’s nothing you can do with this app for free except for adding a new useless icon to your desktop and a set of new files to your computer. Likewise, there is noting a potential user can do to check if any of the promised functionality does really work or not. It is up to them to put their money and blind faith in this tool or try any of the dozens of completely free sanitization tools available on the Web.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Five data wiping options
  • Creates bootable media


  • Useless app unless you purchase a license
  • The free version is also fully locked
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